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The Karey Northington Podcast

Nov 27, 2020

In this episode, our host Karey is chatting with Corey Phelps! Corey is a fellow mom and entrepreneur! Karey and Corey have a lot in common, including leaving the “safe” career, making their health a priority, and showing up as a leader in life and in business. Corey talks about ways she’s followed fulfillment to create success, and how to take feedback well to grow. Including how we can all conquer negative patterns, and making adjustments to grow! 

02:40 What led you to make a change when you were burnt out in your career?

06:30 How did you find out you were having issues with your thyroid?

10:45 How are challenges in business different when you’re working on something you love?

16:00 When to audit what you are feeling resistant about!

19:55 How to acknowledge and change negative patterns in your life.

28:00 How to know when to pivot, and how to create the job of your dreams.

31:00 What questions should we ask ourselves when trying to find the right business decisions?

34:40 What piece of advice would you give our listeners?

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