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The Karey Northington Podcast

Oct 16, 2020

Bret is back on the Podcast! We’re so excited to have Bret the “Glute Guy” Contreras returning to the podcast. In this episode, dive into everything that affects your strength from mindset to upping your calories, and if it’s possible to maintain strength while dieting! Of course, there are also some laughs, an inside look at what bikini competitions are like, and a new kind of competition Bret created he held in Miami in between!

02:20 Does dieting mean losing strength is inevitable?

04:10 Debunking the myth that you shouldn’t train and lift heavy the week before the competition!

07:00 Two different mindsets of how competitors handle offseason.

09:15 Fuel your workouts!

12:10 Is there any correlation between your menstrual cycle and your strength?

15:00 What do you recommend bikini competitors gain during bulking/offseason?

21:20 How men and women see themselves differently in the mirror.

22:40 Why Bret doesn’t recommend women compete in Bikini anymore.

26:20 Don’t get so caught up on one measuring tool!

34:20 Can you spot treat fat?

38:00 How strength training IS fat loss training!

42:15 How hard is it to compete?

44:30 How long should you be resting in between sets?

46:40 What is preventing you from getting stronger?

48:20 Bret created a new competition called Strong Lifting.

54:50 Did the competition change the way the girls dieted?

58:10 How comparison can either motivate or discourage people.

01:04:20 How changing the plan isn’t a failure, its a strategy for success!

01:06:50 As a strength coach it’s more than just diet and exercise, its also about mindset.

01:10:50 What should people be telling their coach to get the best out of the experience?


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