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The Karey Northington Podcast

Nov 13, 2020

This episode is a heart to heart! Our host Karey is sharing her story from feeling powerless to feeling powerful! In this episode, Karey talks about what it was like being medically diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder, and ways she has learned to not only find better ways to cope with stress, but also change the internal dialogue that can hold us back. Tune in to hear more of her story and ways you can change your mindset in an instant for the better.

02:00 Being medically diagnosed with binge eating disorder.

03:50 Realizing I needed a new coping mechanism!

05:10 What I did to help myself stay in the present and process my feelings.

07:22 How you can take back your power intentionally!

09:20 What is your inner dialogue saying?

12:20 What would my best self do?

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Connect with Karey on Instagram: @kareynorthington