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The Karey Northington Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

It seems to be perfect timing that at the end of 2020 our host Karey has Drew Manning of Fit to Fat to Fit on the podcast! Drew is a trainer that decided to do an experiment back in 2011 to gain weight and then lose it all to learn what so many of his clients were going through. Now, almost ten years later, Drew decided to do the experiment again leading up to his 40th birthday! Whether you are setting goals to make healthier choices, gain mental clarity, or change any habit that is not serving you, this is the episode to tune into! Drew and Karey dive into how making healthy choices and getting in shape is so much more than the physical transformation you can see! Tune in to hear more as Drew is halfway through this journey of gaining weight and starts the physical and emotional transformation back to a healthier version of himself on January 4th, 2021!

01:55 What is Fit to Fat to Fit?

03:15 Why was it important to run this experiment again?

09:00 What was it like realizing you were eating as a coping mechanism?

12:30 How eating unhealthy food affects other areas of your life!

14:30 What have you noticed has changed as you’ve gone through this journey?

17:05 Questions to ask yourself to examine your triggers.

18:15 Being in tune with your emotions and navigating the highs and lows.

21:40 Unlearning lazy habits.

23:15 How is your energy keeping up with your girls?

26:40 How are you documenting your journey?

29:10 What has it been like doing this experiment and gaining weight during the pandemic?

Follow along with Drew on this journey on social media: @fit2fat2fit

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