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The Karey Northington Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

We’re back with an entrepreneurial boss babe, Cristie Norman! Cristie is a Sommelier, creator of The Online Wine Course for beginners, and co-founder of The United Sommeliers Foundation which provides relief for Sommeliers that are out of work due to the pandemic. In this episode, we dive into different parts of entrepreneurialism from becoming the best at your craft, to what goes into creating an online course. Of course, we also talk about wine! Tune in to hear how we can find opportunities in this challenging time of the pandemic, and how we can work our way up in whatever work we do. Or maybe start a completely new venture from scratch. 

02:30 How did you get started as a Sommelier?

05:00 Who is The Online Wine Course for?

09:10 Setting the goal to teach 1 million people by the end of 2021.

12:00 Do you know where your wine is coming from? 

15:05 Lessons and breaking stereotypes working as a Sommelier at Spago.

18:30 What was the process like launching your online course?

24:30 Ways we can shift and grow through the challenges of the pandemic.

26:30 What was it like being a Sommelier to celebrities?

29:00 How can you show your value when asking for a raise or promotion?

32:15 Creating a relief fund for Sommeliers during the pandemic.

37:40 Finding healthy coping mechanisms and helping others in time of need.


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President/Co-Founder The United Sommeliers Foundation


IG Handle @cristienorman_somm


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