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The Karey Northington Podcast

Oct 30, 2020

We are thrilled to have our host Karey chat with friend and mentor, Carol Cox. Carol is the founder of Speaking Your Brand, a coaching and training company that helps women communicate with confidence on stage, in webinars, and podcasts! Carol is the host of the weekly 5 star rated Speaking Your Brand Podcast and during the election season serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news in Orlando Florida. Whether it’s using social media platforms or standing on stage, this episode is full of tips of how you can create your signature talk and connect with your audience! 

02:30 How everyone experiences “savannah brain” when they step on stage.

05:30 How has speaking been a lead generator for your clients?

11:40 Can you share a time you were vulnerable with your audience?

15:15 How do you handle pushback and negative comments when you share something vulnerable or controversial?

19:40 How do feel qualified enough to speak in front of an audience?

22:30 What can speakers do you get paid speaking engagements?

26:30 How you can use feedback forms to improve your presentation and even capture**

30:00 Tips to sell on a webinar.

33:00 How did you create a successful virtual event?

39:30 Do you ever feel rusty if you haven’t done a presentation or speech in a while?


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